Talking the talk

It was Dylans birthday last week. I am finally coming to terms with having a teenager in the house!

It’s generally been a good week. The first week of the summer holiday is often filled with excitement, plans all scuppered by lots of rainy days but this week’s weather hasn’t been so bad. The children have had plenty of time for the pool, alfresco eating and generally letting their hair down.

Dylans IPad has had a bit of a revamp.  I was trying to arrange the icons with no clear plan, just kind of taking snippets of ideas from other people. I have been shown the error of my ways by a lady met totally through Google,  who is involved with an aac charity. We’ve been chatting by email for the last couple of weeks and after explaining how we have no professional direction with the path that Dylans communication is going she kindly offered to meet us this week. 

As.suspected the fundamental elements of aac; knowing where the buttons are and expanding the range of language used were lost on me and as a result lost on Dylan too. We now have a clear structure and are planning a lot more than the standard requests for ‘biscuit’, ‘drink’ and the like.

It seems that the combination of aac, language development and social integration are a lot more complex than I initially realised.
Who knew! 😉

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