It’s all in the delivery

Two days to go and we are none the wiser with regard to ideas for Dylans birthday.

He listens to our music a lot in his room. It’s like a sanctuary for him away from the rest of the house. He has some cds but doesn’t have a favourite artist or song that we know of.

As far as we can see he selects the cd he wants by sight and then selects the song by the track number on the cd player. However it was worth exploring.

After the success with the pizza ordering at the weekend Dylans Dad set up the computer and I suggested we encourage Dylan to play around with Youtube. Hopefully this would generate some individuality around topics he could choose to explore and to help him stay interested in the task.

With high levels of support and prompting Dylan was able to search for Youtube and successfully bring the page up.

Dylan what music do you like? What do you like to listen to?

Dylan immediately types in ‘Tom’ to the search bar.

Tom? Tom Jones? No. Don’t know any other Toms that Dylan may know about. The pair of them search for a while for  videos on YouTube, none of them satisfying Dylans explanation of Tom.

Anything else Dylan?’

Dylan types ‘Tom Tec’

Now Dylans dad’s really confused. ‘Who??’ 

He Google searches Tom Tec which comes up as a business name; theres no singers or bands with that name.

Dad’s confused, Dylans now bored and gone for a dip in the pool. As I was out working I ring Dylans Dad to see how the birthday quest went and was filled in on the story.

I am also very confused, it’s only when he mentions Tom Tec that it occurs to me.

‘Have a look at his music system, what’s the brand?’

I am amazed at Dylans ability to understand and recall information that we often deem as useless.
I feel proud at the patience that Dylan showed his Dad when he had clearly answered the question but was sill being misunderstood.

I am hopeful that despite the mixture of misinterpretation from Dylan to us and us to Dylan that we are able to have chinks of understanding and insight.

Still no blooming idea for his birthday though! 🙂

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