Stims and Nasal Douching


Sick of the snorting, throat hacking, grolly producing sniffing that dominates day and night.

Prior to the snorting Dylan has had other stimmy behaviours which are less than desirable.  

Dylan is a highly sensory seeking child and has been through various stages of high pitched rhythmic screetching and sensory saliva smearing on everything! By using a variety of distractions and ABA redirection techniques we have minimised the disruptive or unhygienic behaviours and replaced them with more manageable variants. 

Now we have the snorting.

I had suspected for months now that the nasal snorting it is a nervous tic as well as a self stimulatory behaviour. Its something which definitely worsens in quiet public situations you certainly don’t want to draw attention. You know the ones; in libraries, school presentation assemblies, the quiet important bits of wedding ceremonies. 

But then it occurred to me, maybe it’s not comfortable? Maybe he feels congested. Do what do you do?  


Well when Googling I stumbled across nasal douching or ‘saline sniffing’. Basically it pouring,  dripping or snorting salt water up your nose and then blowing it all out along with whatever is up there. I checked the evidence base and couldn’t find any contraindications or injuries reported. Apparently non-infective rhinitis is recognised as improving with regular douching soooo… we gave it a go. 

I’m not squeamish but I cannot bear water up my nose so I sat out of this one and Dylans Dad kindly gave the demo and modelled to Dylan what he needed to do. Dylan was like a pro and picked up the syringe of warm salty water and whooshed it up his nose. He even made the ‘ahhh’ sound so as he didn’t swallow any. 

He’s been doing this now a couple of times a day for a few days and there’s a definite improvement. Still snorting but not as violently and certainly not as frequently as before. 

Would be lovely if this made Dylan comfortable and not needing to snort anymore. For him and for us.

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