Forever In Combat

​**please excuse the potty mouth**

Autism Moms Have Stress Similar To Combat Soldiers
This is crap. Parenthood is stressful. Kids are stressful. Does Dylan cause me stress?  Does his Autism cause me stress?  No. The shitty care system causes me stress, sub-standard good for nothing education causes me stress, shoddy therapists cause me stress. That’s the only comparison to combat in my life- the frigging system. Jeez.
This was my Facebook post 1 year ago. 

Every year June through to August is statement review time.

It sucks. It’s a time when you have to argue how bad everything is all the time to people who judge if you are justified to access resources based on how bad your circumstances are. Resources I may add that the assessors provide. So if your needs outweigh the resources available then that particular need is overlooked. Its not assessed.  Not discussed. And you get: No help. 

Now I work in health care. Hence the comparison.  Now if I have a patient who has cancer and they present in chemo suite with a broken leg it would not be acceptable to send them on their way without acknowledging the leg.  

‘You have cancer. We will treat the cancer but not the leg. The leg isn’t as important as the cancer. And especially if the leg break is anything you do with the cancer then it must be seen as a byproduct of the cancer. Either way. Have your chemo or go home.’

Can you imagine the uproar? You would ask to see another Doctor.  Go to another hospital and ask for a second opinion. You almost certainly would have your leg treated elsewhere with a big fat apology for the first departments negligence and lack of care.

Now I hate comparing anything like this with cancer but its a scenario that most cam understand and relate to. 

There is no apology. Not with education. There is no other department. No other professional. No second opinion.  If your leg/need/disability can’t/won’t  be treated/acknowleged/met then that’s it. Tough.

And that’s where the combat starts.

One thought on “Forever In Combat

  1. Combat mom indeed then. My kids don’t have autism but I have a friend who used to work for a company supporting kids with autism and providing special education programs. She heard so many stories from families battling the same you have to battle. Not their children but the health system and the many issues that come along…


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