Oliver the Angel

Sitting in the hotel bar on a warm evening in Corfu I met an angel.
He introduced himself as Oliver and he came over to ask Dylan if he would like a game with him on the pool table once the current game was finished.

Slightly taken aback by the bravery of this young boy who couldn’t be more than 8 years old. I explained that the name of the boy he was addressing was Dylan and that Dylan can’t really speak much.
I asked ‘Dylan would you like to go and play pool with Oliver?’

‘Yah beese’

And that was it. They are off playing pool overseen by Dad (to facilitate communication throughout the game) and watched by me sitting in the background trying to contain the tears of joy and pride both at Dylan for not being scared and embracing the offer of friendship and for Oliver and his parents for being so damn decent and inclusive.

Once I pull myself together I must go over and congratulate them for raising such a beautiful child.

Until then I’ll be watching this x

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