A Bump in the Road

Dylan doesn’t attend school.

He is home educated using a ‘differentiated curriculum to meet his specialist needs’.

His younger brother and sister attend our local mainstream primary school. Dylan was whooshing off on his scooter on the way home after dropping them off when he hit a bump on the street and tumbled off the scooter and fell on the floor.

Now Dylan is a cutely clumsy kid. He trips all the time and has little spatial awareness but despite this he stumbles rather than fully falling. Today he stacked it; one of those falls that makes you suck your breath in hard. Not nice.

Dylan quickly got up to come back to see me. His face showing the shock at what just happened and not really knowing what to do with himself. He showed me his wet muddy palms and I checked for cuts and bumps to find all was intact. Then, as soon as I was confident he was uninjured we got out the IPad. See Dylan learns in the here and now. It’s no good telling him about something hurting unless he can see it or feel it. He’s mind works too literally to understand the idea that something may hurt. Until it does.

So I leapt at the opportunity for this real time event to expose more language.

‘What happened Dylan? What did you do?’


“You fell over, did you hurt yourself?”


Some hand over hand prompting was needed as was some on the spot talk button formation for words that didn’t yet exist but we did it. By being able to talk about what happened he didn’t even cry.


Once home we again talked about what had happened with him easily finding the buttons to relay the event of the scooter and his sore hands. He could recall what I was asking, he could remember to navigate the IPad to find his new buttons and he answered me.

All in all, a good morning




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